South African National Park oversees flat screen TV roll out

South African National Park oversees flat screen TV roll outPersonalised trips of a lifetime to South Africa may typically include a safari and one of the Rainbow Nation’s most revered reserves – the Kruger National Park has just witnessed the installation of several flat screen televisions.

Travellers need not fear that this will distort from the natural experience as the screens will serve as supplementary informational interfaces that will offer tourists all the guidance they require upon visiting Kruger.

Already installed and functioning properly at Kruger’s gate and camp receptions, visitors are greeted with vital information that may enhance or help problem solve during their stay in the area such as park rules and regulations, road closures, park events, rare animal sightings and more.

All appearing on a handy and accessible interface, this has allowed National Park officials to disseminate a lot of information in a short period of time and proving far more effective than handouts or similar traditional methods.

This theme was of utmost importance for Kruger National Park’s General Manager of Communications and Marketing, William Mabasa, who noted “The expectations from the public are changing, they want the speed on access to information; they want prompt delivery of the answer, rather than guidance or instruction.”

Kruger has rolled out the flat screen televisions on behalf of huge mining conglomerate Anglo American who wanted to give something back to South Africa, in turn creating a positive impact, when mining companies are perhaps conveyed negatively in the press.

Phillip Fourie, Head of Safety and Sustainable Development for Anglo American said “Anglo American believes that the impact of mining should be positive and to the benefit of South Africa, its people and the environment.

“We look forward to a successful partnership with Kruger National Park.”