South African landscape is ‘surprisingly green’

South Africa is a land of surprising greenery, especially compared to other nations on the continent.

This is according to former Big Brother contestant Nick Bateman, who was impressed with the country’s fertile lands during his South Africa holidays.

Now a writer, Mr Bateman’s article in the Reading Post touched on all aspects of holidays to South Africa, which began with an 11-hour flight from London to Johannesburg.

Despite being lengthy, the reality TV star said the journey was perfectly bearable thanks to the small two-hour time difference between the UK and South Africa.

One of the highlights of his stay was an excursion to the Phinda Private Game Reserve, where guests can stay in purpose-built chalet accommodation.

During his visit, Mr Bateman went on a jeep safari. Organised by “well-informed, well-trained and professional” game wardens and Zulu trackers, the safaris offer holidaymakers the opportunity to spot ‘the big five’.

“We saw lions, rhinos both white and four black (bearing in mind there are only 3,500 black rhino left in the wild), giraffes, buffalos, wildebeest, zebra and a troop of baboons,” he wrote in the newspaper.

“The only animals we missed were the elephants as they were too far south for us to travel. To see these animals in the wild should be on anyone’s ‘bucket list’ and it was truly magical.”

The Phinda Private Game Reserve is spread over 23,000 hectares and in addition to the ‘big five’, is home to 415 species of bird.