South African hotel defends crown as world’s best

South Africa experiences welcome tourism boostThe Johannesburg suburb of Northcliff again boasts the ‘best venue and luxury hotel in the world’ after Morrells Boutique Estate successfully defended its crown as such in the recent World Luxury Hotel Awards.

Morrells is a luxurious, rustic retreat in every sense and having opened in 2006, the latest defended accreditation will only heighten the complex’s global allure.

For travellers who uncover Morrells Boutique Estate on personalised South Africa holidays, they could mistake the complex for a guesthouse, with a landscaped garden fringed staircase leading up to a vintage hotel structure.

Northcliff as a suburb is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods within Johannesburg and it is this appeal, alongside Morrells’ excellent service which has ensured the successful defence of the World Luxury Hotels crown.

The awards were actually interestingly established in the same year as Morrells’ grand opening and primarily revolve around measuring hotels’ quality of service.

Although Morrells Boutique Estate was singled out as the ‘best venue and luxury hotel in the world’, the World Luxury Hotel Awards also serves to highlight the best hotels by country and continent.

Owner of Northcliff’s finest accommodation complex, Bernice Morrell said “It is absolutely wonderful to be commended for going the extra mile by the World Luxury Hotel Awards.

“Our team works extremely hard at ensuring that the ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary for each of our guests.”

In reality, the Morrells Boutique Estate is comprised of two individual residence blocks – the Farmhouse and Manor House – and for those looking to splurge on a wedding; this describes one of the hotel’s speciality services.