South Africa launches ‘It’s Time’ campaign


South African Tourism (SAT),  is looking to expand it’s latest campaign entitled It’s Time,following the success shown in growing awareness of the destination and all the incredible things holidays to South Africa offer.

The campaign is an extension of the SAT’s Bucket List campaign, which has proved a huge success with more than 5,000 bucket lists having been created since the launch of the app in November.

The latest installment of the campaign is dedicated to motivating Aussies to choose South Africa as their next holiday destination, by highlighting the range of value-for-money activities that go beyond its famous safari experiences.

The campaign focuses on the experiences of four Australian women, who were selected from more than 100 applicants to become the faces of the campaign.

“Travellers including Australians are always looking for something different, they are looking for awesome experiences and unique stories to share,” SAT general manager Australasia, Lalie Ngozi, said.

“We are highlighting that there’s no better place to do this and to discover everything about what the Rainbow Nation has to offer.”

The women – Janna Zeglis, Melleesa Zeglis, Mikaila Faber and Roxanne Vitalone – experienced the nightlife of Johannesburg, cage diving with great white sharks and discovering the wine lands of the Western Cape.

“Since returning, the girls have already planned their next trip which only highlights the love affair Aussies experience from the very first moment they arrive in our country,” Ngozi continued.

“It’s reassuring for these young, carefree women to return and speak of how easy it was to experience everything on offer. They even describe Cape Town and Johannesburg offering similar lifestyles to that of Sydney and Melbourne.”