South Africa holidays to be teamed with Kenya visits?

People looking to experience the ultimate safari experience could visit both South Africa and Kenya.

Phumi Dhlomo – South Africa Tourism's regional director for Africa and domestic markets – is trying to encourage people who are in Kenya to go on South Africa holidays, Business Daily reports.

He noted six months of research has gone into the new strategy, which is hoping to double the number of people who currently make the trip.

As well as encouraging more tourism, the plan is also targeting an increase in length of stay and the seasonality of the adventures.

"Arrivals from Kenya alone make it a preferred hub to enable us [to] explore the rest of East Africa," Mr Dhlomo observed.

Ntsiki Mpulo, the UK marketing and communications manager for South Africa Tourism, recently stated UK travellers should seriously consider a trip to the country, as there are a range of memorable experiences to be had.