South Africa holidays ‘offer plenty of chances to thrill’

Heading to South Africa will all be about thrill-seeking for one celebrity.

Jamie Theakston, radio and TV show presenter, will be going on a South Africa holiday and recording his experiences.

He noted the main aim of his trip will be to see "just how exciting" the country can be.

"It is going to be a real adventure and I'm going to be doing things I have never done before, including bungee jumping in the football stadium in Durban," Theakston added.

Also on the agenda will be swimming with sharks, whale watching and sampling fine wines.

Theakston, who was a presenter on Live and Kicking, The Priory and Top of the Pops, stated he is looking forward to experiencing brand new activities while away.

His travels are part of a new campaign launched by South African Tourism to showcase what the nation has to offer to people from the UK.