South Africa holidays could include adventure sports

Fans of extreme sports may want to try out the "best skate park in the world".

This is how Joe Maloof, creator of the Maloof Money Cup, described the track at Kimberley, Northern Cape – so travellers of South Africa holidays may want to sample it.

Mr Maloof observed the country is "incredible" and the fans were brilliant as the event was taken outside of the US for the first time.

Roshene Singh, South African Tourism's chief marketing officer, heralded the "great success" of the competition, which ended on October 2nd.

Garett Hill, Greg Lutzka and Nick Merlino were among those who took part.

Hazel Jenkins, premier of the Northern Cape Province, remarked the hosting of this event was evidence of the fact that the country is a "supreme adventure sports destination".

She added that the three days of competition she had witnessed had been marked by the "pure adrenaline" they offered.