South Africa holidayers to go on Gautrain route?

The Gautrain route linking Pretoria and Johannesburg has been officially opened.

Described as a state-of-the-art rail line, it will allow those on South Africa holidays and others to go between the two destinations at speeds of up to 160 kph.

Transport minister Sbu Ndebele was delighted to unveil the infrastructural development, adding: "We need new rail technologies to meet the demands of the 21st century. The ability to efficiently move freight and people is vital to a modern, thriving economy."

It means visitors to the province of Gauteng – one of nine such regions in South Africa – can easily see the attraction on offer in both locations.

The process has been in the offering for over a decade and people will finally be given the opportunity to complete the commute.

Pretoria, which is the capital of South Africa, offers plenty of activities for people, including the mountain bike trail at the Voortrekker Monument.