South Africa holiday can include new year carnival

Those taking a South Africa holiday may wish to enjoy a new year tradition in Cape Town when the Minstrel Carnival takes place.

Paying homage to the American minstrels who came to the city and provided musical entertainment over a century ago, the parade is held on January 2nd and provides plenty of colourful costumes as the modern minstrels strum their banjos.

It starts in District Six, an area of almost derelict land that was once a multicultural suburb until the 1960s, when Apartheid planners bulldozed it and moved its non-white residents into townships miles away.

Those visiting Cape Town at this time of year can enjoy the longest daylight hours and plenty of warm weather, with the city offering natural attractions such as Table Mountain, beaches such as Camps Bay and penguins.

A boat ride to Robben Island offers a chance to peer into one of the most significant locations in the country's history, as it houses the prison where Nelson Mandela was held for 18 years.