South Africa experiences welcome tourism boost

South Africa experiences welcome tourism boostHolidays to South Africa comprise a wealth of fascinating urban and rural environments and in a welcome boost to the Rainbow Nation’s economy, President Jacob Zuma confirmed last week that the country experienced a 10.2 per cent rise in the number of international tourists to nearly 9.2 million last year.

South Africa has made a conscious effort to promote her assets to the wider world through numerous marketing efforts and compared to a decade ago, the nation has made supreme strides in welcoming many more tourists through her borders.

Back in 1993, South Africa could boast a mere 3.4 million foreign visitors but given the plethora of stellar destinations and fulfilling retreats on offer in the Rainbow Nation, underpinned by the mindful work of various tourism organisations, South Africa maintains her allure as a desirable travellers location in a competitive marketplace.

Zuma – who recognises that numerous countries are contemporarily looking at tourism as a viable means to boost their nation’s economy – stated “More and more countries around the world are realising the opportunity that tourism presents and our geographic position makes our fight for the global tourism share more difficult than most.”

Given South Africa’s position at the southernmost tip of the African continent, it is even more impressive that so many different nations are willing to embark on the long flight into hubs such as Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

“This phenomenal tourism growth is evidence that we are successfully setting ourselves apart in a competitive marketplace,” Zuma continued.

Of all arrivals to South Africa, Europeans and Americans still make up the bulk of visitors with 1,386,978 and 362,643 entering the Republic in 2012.