Sightseeing buses launched in Johannesburg

johannesburg.jpgHolidays to South Africa and the Johannesburg region in particular may now comprise a sightseeing trip on one of the city’s first hop on, hop off red buses that have proved successful in fellow cities worldwide.

The double-decker buses will now allow international travellers as well as city natives a whistle-stop tour of Johannesburg that comprises all the major attractions such as Gandhi Square, the Roof of Africa at the Carlton Centre, the James Hall Transport Museum, the Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill among others.

The sightseeing bus is versatile in nature and customers don’t have to remain on the same bus for their entire tour; instead allowed to enjoy an extended stay at a hotspot they particularly enjoy while jumping back on another of the red buses at a later stage in the day.

With so many places to see and visit in Johannesburg, the introduction of this tourism measure means the travellers experience is enhanced and the company recommends that tourists hop on at either Gautrain Station at Park Statuib (Bus Stop One) or Gold Reef City (Bus Stop Two) although visitors can hop on and off at any stop on the route.

City sightseeing South Africa CEO, Claus Tworeck said “The City Sightseeing tour will change people’s perceptions of the inner city of Johannesburg into a tourism friendly zone and thereby continue to grow the tourism footprint and associated spend of tourists to the benefit of local businesses.”

Comprising 12 stops in total, the bus will run between 9am and 5:30 seven days a week and on-board commentary will be provided in multiple languages that opens the tour to a variety of differing cultures.