Seek out the ‘Big Five’ on safari holidays in Tanzania

People keen to spot an abundance of animals while on a wildlife excursion might be keen to visit Africa.

Safari holidays in Tanzania could be the ideal expedition for those interested in spotting an array of beasts, as Kaye Madsen, writing for the Cochrane Eagle, noted.

She spotted the so-called Big Five – elephants, African buffalos, leopards, lions and rhinos – while in the African nation and pointed out the main aim of her trip was to photograph these creatures as well as many others.

Ms Madsen, who visited the Ngorongoro Crater, observed: "Myriad species of wildlife were visible as far as the eye could see, unfettered by any fences. Herds of hundreds of wildebeest, African buffalo and zebra grazed on the horizon."

Those thinking of checking out the country might like to take heed of advice from Leonard Magomba, writing for the Southern Times, who stated it has "natural attractions" and period architecture.