See wildebeest migration on safari holidays

Each year, there is a great migration of wildebeest that takes place in Africa and some park rangers in Tanzania have already reported that early rains started at the beginning of the month.

The sight could be a treat for tourists looking to go on a Kenya safari, particularly as the Great Safari locals also said "the spectacular crossing into the Masai Mara should take place between June and July".

Over a million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of zebra begin their journey across the Serengeti after the wet season ends in May.

This follows an earlier three-week period – usually around February – when females give birth to many calves, almost entirely at the same time.

Once the move is complete, the animals will remain in the Masai Mara until October or November, before returning to the Serengeti. However, it has been noted that the entire process is dependent upon the natural environment and there may be variations from year to year.