See ‘varied landscape’ on Namibia safari holidays

Those thinking of going on a safari may like to explore the varied scenery in Namibia, as one writer recently did.

In a piece for the Daily Telegraph, Simon Horsford stated that the country is one of the most "thrilling" and safest in Africa.

He added: "The diverse landscape ranges from bush land and desert to coastline scattered with animal skeletons and shipwrecks, and something akin to moonscape."

And those looking to go on safari holidays may be keen to note that Mr Horsford pointed out the nation has an array of wildlife and there were much closer encounters than he had anticipated.

In addition, he visited Rhino Camp, which offers people the chance to see the black desert-adapted beasts.

But those who are keen to see rare desert elephants may also like to opt for a safari in Namibia as Peter Ottesen, writing for the Southern Times, went in search of the mammals in the country and achieved his goal.