See “unbelievable” wildlife sights on Kenya safari

African scenePlanning a trip to Africa is no doubt an exciting pastime, particularly for anyone who has never been before yet dreams of seeing any number of wild and dangerous beasts.

According to Travelwires, this part of the continent is widely regarded as the safari capital of East Africa – suggesting that for anyone considering a safari holiday, Kenya is the place to go.

As the news source observed, many tourists find the sights of the wildebeest and zebra herds crossing the treacherous plains and rivers "unbelievable", while the "extraordinary spectacle of so many animals migrating across the Serengeti-Mara Parks is one of the most incredible in the natural world".

It was also noted that the best time to see land animals is between August and October, while spotting southern right whales should be done from June to October.

And a sojourn in the Okavango Delta was recently recommended by the Sydney Morning Herald, which stated that there are beautiful creatures to come across here, such as rhino beetles, vultures and the kori bustard bird.