See giraffes on a Kenya safari

One of the animal highlights that can be seen on a trip to Africa could be the giraffe, which is noted for being one of the tallest land mammals in the world and for sporting a distinctive pattern.

Those looking to go on a Kenya safari may be tempted by the chance to see exotic wildlife in its natural habitat and it might be a good idea to learn more about what will be on show beforehand.

Giraffes themselves can reach heights of up to 18ft and their long legs allow them to run up to 34mph if they want to. However, it is more likely to be the neck that will attract the attention of visitors.

These great extensions help them reach fruit on high-up branches of trees but can also serve as a weapon. Males will engage in combat by swinging them around to show dominance.

Another highlight of Kenya's wildlife known for its size is the elephant, which lives over twice as long as the giraffe, reaching 60 years, compared to the giant's 25.