See brilliantly coloured birds on a Kenya safari, writer says

Nature lovers may like to visit Africa to get a feel of what it
is like for some exotic creatures in their natural habitats.

And one of the best ways to do this could be a Kenya safari,
which was what one writer from the Straits Times did.

The reporter relayed seeing “brilliantly coloured birds and
ferocious-looking vultures”, as well as “tubby warthogs darting
between shrubs” and “wildebeest locked in battle”.

Other highlights of the correspondent’s week-long safari in the
African country included seeing four of the so-called Big Five
animals – elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard.

This included 16 of the latter – the most elusive to find out of
the five, the writer added – playing in the savannah.

People who are considering going on a safari may like to visit
Zakayo, the oldest-known captive chimpanzee in Uganda, at the
Uganda Wildlife Education Centre as he is due to celebrate his 44th
birthday later this year.