Safety tips for self-drive safari holidays

People planning on doing a self-drive safari might like to take heed of safety advice from one publication.

A piece for Boosh News noted that although driving through the African Savannah is not as dangerous as people think, individuals should never leave their vehicle and always stick to the dirt roads within parks.

It added: "As long as you stay in your car, you will be safe – 90 per cent of attacks on humans are caused by people leaving their cars."

Those on safari holidays are also advised to never feed the animals, despite creatures such as baboons having become fairly tame over the years.

Individuals may think they are just feeding one monkey, but thousands can be attracted very quickly, which could create an unwanted situation.

Moreover, people may like to try out these hints on a safari in Kenya, which is a unique experience according to Kira Stann, writing for Helium.