Safari holidays in Africa ‘can be wild and wonderful’

People heading off on an animal-spotting excursion to Africa may be sure to have a fun time, if the experiences of one writer are anything to go by.

Reporting for the Evening Post, Helen Williams described her enjoyment while on a safari holiday to Tanzania.

The correspondent said it was lovely to wake up to find an elephant roaming around in her backyard.

She noted: "This elephant scene may have been something lots of other travellers had witnessed before me, but seeing it still felt like a major discovery."

Ms Williams explained that she was transfixed by the array of exotic animals – including water buffalo, zebras, giraffes and vervet monkeys.

The enthusiasm of the guides was infectious and added to the overall enjoyment of the trip, she added.

And those jetting off on a safari holiday this year may wish to go to Botswana between November and March, as Daily Telegraph reporter Liz Vercoe recently described this as a great time for birdwatching.