Safari holidays could be an ideal option for a honeymoon

People who are not keen on receiving anymore homeware gifts as their wedding presents might like to open up a honeymoon fund instead, one website has noted.

According to, safari holidays in Africa could be one option for couples who want to save money for a post-nuptials getaway, rather than have more traditional contributions at a retail store.

It added the wildlife excursion option "is great for couples who can do without a George Foreman Grill".

And those who are considering such a break to celebrate getting married may like to visit South Africa.

This is after Robin Robinson, writing a piece in Toronto Sun, included a safari in the Rainbow Nation on his wish list for 2011, stating June could be the ideal month for visiting the country and checking out an array of animals.

He added: "I'll head to a place like South Africa's Kruger National Park for a close up encounter with the Big Five."