Safari holidays ‘can now be ethical’

LionJet-setters eager to enjoy their holidays but who are concerned about the impact that their trip may have on the environment might like to make note of a report by one publication.

According to the Independent, safari holidays could be perfect for people with an eco conscience as an increasing number of companies in Africa are offering tours with a "softer carbon footprint".

For example, the Naboisho conservancy in Kenya is to be launched this autumn in a bid to support local wildlife and the ecosystem, home to hippos, antelope, the endangered black rhino, big cats and elephants – all of which can be seen on a six-day safari holiday.

In addition, Conservancy Safaris in Namibia – owned outright by resident communities – has helped game counts climb for a number of species, with the lion population in the Kunene region rising from 30 to 120 in the last 15 years.

Meanwhile, those on Kenya holidays could soon spend time at a new marina that is to be set up in Eastern Africa.