Safari holidays can lead to “the most extraordinary surprises”

People looking to go on wildlife experiences might like to note that Namibia can throw up "the most extraordinary surprises", according to one writer.

In a piece for the Guardian, Nick Stringer, Emmy award-winning director and producer of wildlife documentaries, noted that safari holidays in the deserts of the country is one place where people can witness some memorable sights.

He pointed out the Kalahari Game Ranch is an area that people may like to visit as the desert region is transformed during the wet and sometimes rivers even start to flow.

Mr Stringer added: "Small red sand dunes melt into golden grass, peppered with acacia trees and dried-out rivers."

While filming a piece for the National Geographic Channel in 2001, he stated that elephants and antelopes turned up to a river before there was any sign of water, but it then sprung to life.

Luke Salkeld, writing for the Daily Mail, once observed the nation to be "simply breathtaking".