Safari holidays ‘can be ideal family getaways’

Those looking to take their kids away might find a safari is the perfect idea for a holiday.

This is according to Mike Unwin, writing for the Independent, who noted people considering this type of vacation need to plan carefully and compromise a bit on the agenda.

He added: "First, small is beautiful: think macro, not wide-angle. Cut down on some of those long game drives and spend more time in camp, a day in camp can be worth two in the bush."

What's more, Mr Unwin stated safari holidays can be achieved in a microcosm, noting kids are able to have their own close encounters with vervet monkeys, mongooses and hornbills.

This comes after a piece in the Guardian recommended Tanzania as one place to go on a safari, noting it would be ideal for children over eight who are not scared of "sharp teeth and big tusks" and it should be an average temperature of around 29 degrees C this month.