Safari holidaymaker catches sight of cheetah and cub

A holidaymaker on safari in Kenya got the chance of a lifetime recently by capturing on video a female cheetah getting agitated with her cub.

The ruckus happened at the Kicheche Mara Camp in the Maasai Mara and has become a YouTube hit.

It captures a mother with her very young and excitable cub who insists on playing. While the mother ignores her cub, it continues to leap up and down on her back and her face until she gives in and wrestles it to the ground.

However, in a fit of agitation, the mother kicks her cub three feet into the air, who falls safely down onto the grass. Her actions are a bit of a shock, though, as the mother runs away.

The Daily Mail reported that while cheetahs are the fastest animals on the planet, young cubs rarely survive as they are an easy meal for lions and hyenas, while farmers also hunt them.

A holiday in Kenya can take in such intimate sightings, as well as views of the 'big five': lion, African elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros.