Safari holiday may offer chance to witness different elephant species

The continent of Africa is home to two different species of elephants, not just one as previously thought.

It means those who book a safari holiday may be in line to witness both of the types in their natural habitat and become some of the first people to realise they have spotted varying breeds.

Teams of experts at Harvard, the University of Illinois have worked to distinguish the differences between the species.

David Reich, a contributor to the study from the Harvard Medical School in Boston, says: "The surprising finding is that forest and savannah elephants from Africa – which some have argued are the same species – are as distinct from each other as Asian elephants and mammoths."

The scientists compared the genetic code of the elephants seen by those on safari holidays to other creatures, such as the American mastodon.

Another treat for wildlife lovers visiting the continent can be found at the De Hoop reserve in South Africa, which Sandra MacGregor, writing for the Daily Telegraph, recently revealed is one of the world's top locations for whale watching.