Relaxing safari holidays may be achieved in Botswana

People interested in embarking on a wildlife excursion may like to choose Botswana as the ideal destination.

According to Elaine Yong, writing for the Vancouver Sun, she recently travelled on safari holidays in the African country and went for days without seeing another tourist.

What's more, she noted the nation is able to be a leader in eco-tourism and conserve its natural resources after a lucrative diamond industry was founded in the country.

She describes the Chobe National Park as the "crown jewel" in the nation's safari circuit, pointing out that she saw elephants grazing and playing in the Chobe River.

In addition, she added the area boasts the largest concentration of elephants in the continent with a population of 120,000.

Those embarking on such a wildlife excursion may like to pack light coloured clothing as Annie Scott, writing for Gadling, stated dark garments will not be beneficial because the majority of beasts see movements easier than shapes.