‘Relax on Kanyemba Island’ while on safari holidays

FishTravelling through Africa can be a truly relaxing experience, particularly if jet-setters head to Kanyemba Island, located in the middle of the Zambezi River.

This is according to Sharon Van Wyk of the Mail & Guardian, who noted that one way for people on safari holidays to spend a day on the isle is to unwind, generally considered "the prime objective", with big decisions to be made only whether to go on a water cruise to spot animals or do a bit of fishing.

And this latter pastime is what the area is becoming well known for – Ms Van Wyk stated that the tiger fish are "just waiting to be caught", often leaping from the river to "taunt the angler into grabbing rod and tackle".

However, heading to Rwanda, Tanzania or Uganda could also prove fun for those on safari holidays, as these areas boast numbers of great apes.