Rare desert elephant could inspire Namibian safari holidays

Individuals may be encouraged to go on an African adventure in search of rare desert elephants.

This was certainly the case for Peter Ottesen, writing for the Southern Times, who chose Namibia as a safari holidays destination in order to see the mammals.

He achieved his goal in southern Africa's driest country – in which more than half of the rhinoceros in the world can be found including the black version, one of a few endangered species gaining in numbers, he added.

Along with his wife, Mr Ottesen spotted both types of rhino at the Ongava Game Reserve located next to Etosha National Park and later went on to take in red sand dunes that reached as high as 1,000 metres at Sossusvlei.

He added: "The immense dunes, with razor-like peaks, had developed over millions of years by wind that continuously transformed their contours."

Another writer to recommend Namibia is Gill Charlton, writing for the Telegraph, who noted that it has "dramatic scenery".