Rangers on African safari holidays are superb”

People who are keen on going on an South African safari might be interested to hear one writer's comments.

According to Anouk Zijlma, writing for About.com, a wildlife excursion in the Rainbow Nation tends to be good value for money because the rangers and trackers are "superb".

She stated: "Not only can they succeed in tracking down rhinos for you to photograph, but they can show you what leaves to wipe your bottom with."

What's more, Ms Zijlma pointed out a number of tips that may come in handy on safari holidays spent out in the South African bush.

These include burning elephant dung and inhaling the smoke in order to cure headaches, as well as using Buffalo Thorn leaves to "alleviate swelling and settle an upset stomach".

This comes after Maryanne Njeri, writing for the East African, recommended choosing South Africa as a safari destination for those hoping to spot the so-called Big Five animals.