Prince William and Kate Middleton may have inspired safari holidays

Prince Williams and Kate Middleton could be one reason why some are embarking on wildlife excursions, according to one writer.

Julietta Jackson, writing for the Sydney Morning Herald, pointed out she is sensing an eco-romance trend, born of the royal pair, who got engaged on a recent safari holiday.

She noted the Kenyan destination where the prince popped the questioned could be one to watch in the future as it also houses the endangered black rhino, as well as other species.

Those who are keen to go on a safari to Kenya after being inspired by William and Kate might like to take heed of advice from Bruce Kekule, writing a piece in the Bangkok Post, who stated – after visiting Nairobi – the African country offers the ultimate wildlife excursion experience.

He revealed: "If you manage to photograph a leopard, it is said you will get the entire Big Five – leopard, lion, rhino, elephant and Cape buffalo – and that is exactly what we were able to accomplish."