‘Plan ahead’ when on safari holidays

Individuals heading off on safari holidays may want to make sure they plan ahead before setting off.

Chris Russo, president and chair of the American Society of Travel Agents, has advised travellers – especially women vacationing alone – to research their destination in advance.

The industry figure said: "Travel is an adventure, but fear of the unknown shouldn't keep anyone from fulfilling their travel dreams whether it's with family and friends or on your own."

He explained people should study a map of their destination and, if possible, attempt to download a copy to their mobile phone.

Mr Russo added it is recommended for tourists to get to know the members of staff working at their place of accommodation.

Once on safari holidays, visitors may wish to head to a wildlife excursion to take photographs of animals – just as amateur lenswoman Ingrid Bunse did, as her snap of a waterbuck was printed in the Daily Mail.