People will experience ‘something new each time on safari holidays’

People will have a new experience each time they go on a safari.

This is according to Maryam Siddiqi, writing for the National Post, who stated many individuals think of such a wildlife excursion as being "amorphous ".

But she pointed out there are plenty of different safari holidays that can be enjoyed "ranging from ones done on foot to ones carried out several hundred feet in the air".

In addition to this, Ms Siddiqi stated such a trip could be completed from a hot air balloon, which is best for "those who want to see it all" and have a bird's eye view.

It might also be the perfect choice for people keen on having a serene safari experience as she recalled: "A more peaceful morning has never been had."

These comments come after Bruce Kirkby, writing for the Globe and Mail, suggested people should always try somewhere new when they are going on holiday.