People on Kenya holidays could go along to safari rally

The East African Safari Classic will be taking place in November.

Featuring some of the fastest cars around – however none of them have been built after 1974 – those on Kenya holidays will get to see some fantastic racing.

Beginning in Whitesands on the coast north of Mombasa, it makes its way to Nairobi, before heading past Mount Kilimanjaro and heading back to Mombasa.

The rally is due to finish on November 28th, some eight days after it starts and Ian Duncan – who is starting in pole position – will be looking to win the title he picked up in 2009.

According to the organisers, the origins of the event come from back in the 1950s when a group of drivers said they wanted to do something more interesting than drive around a track.

Bjorn and Mathias Waldegard took the accolade in 2007, while Rob Collinge and Anton Levitan were winners in 2005.