Paint an “amazing” portrait of safari holidays

Those looking to go on a wildlife excursion may be inspired by viewing some wonderful pictures that can be captured of an array of animals.

One image that could encourage safari holidays is of a leopard hiding in a tree with a rainbow in the background, published on the Daily Mail website.

It was captured by wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein, who found the beast escaping the attentions of a lion on the ground.

Mr Goldstein said he originally believed the photo would come out looking like a silhouette, because he thought a storm had blanked out any available light.

He added: "When I saw the rainbow I gasped, it was out for about half a minute".

The publication described it as an "amazing" portrait of a safari.

Those who want to capture the so-called Big Five – elephants, African buffalos, leopards, lions and rhinos – may like to check out Tanzania, as recommended by Kaye Madsen, writing for the Cochrane Eagle.