Organising Kenya safari holidays ‘can be fun’

Organising a safari trip can be really exciting for people.

This is according to travel expert Jonathon Wilson and his comments could inspire people to go on Kenya holidays to experience it for themselves.

He added individuals need to consider how luxurious they want their stay to be, but added this does not "have to be about champagne and gold taps".

"It's about knowing the key ingredients to create an authentic African travel experience, a journey that ticks your boxes and exceeds your expectations," he added.

Something that could well be high up the list for activities is seeing the big five game of elephants, lions, rhinoceroses, buffalo and giraffes.

Heading to Kenya for a safari works for families, couples or newlyweds, as the experience is unique enough to appeal to different people.

Angie Sloan, director of the Kenya Tourist Board for UK and Ireland, recently said the Rhino Charge is an event tourists may be interested in.