October is the ‘best time of year’ for safari holidays

SafariDeciding what time of year to go away can be a tricky one but for people considering a trip to Africa, October could very well be the best month to do so.

This is according to Lonely Planet travel editor Tom Hall, who noted in an article for the New Zealand Herald that going on safari holidays in the autumn means that the weather tends to be better and the high-summer crowds are yet to arrive.

He recommended those in the continent head to the north and explore the Kruger National Park which he described as "one of the best places an animal can hope to find itself living anywhere on the planet".

However, Mr Hall also suggested checking out Cape Town’s delights, such as the Cedarberg Mountains and the Table Mountain National Park.

Meanwhile, jet-setters keen to watch the migration of wildebeest were advised by the Daily Telegraph to do so at Sala’s Camp within the Masai Mara.