Number of ways to see wild animals on a Kenya safari

Those travelling to Africa this year might like to consider an expedition in search of wild animals.

Angie Sloan, regional director at the Kenya Tourist Board, noted that there are is an array of different ways in which people can go on a Kenya safari.

The country has 59 national parks and reserves and there are plenty of activities to enjoy, such as walking, horse riding, hot air ballooning and exploring the vicinity on camels, as well as the standard outing in a 4×4.

She added: "The sheer abundance of wildlife which inhabits Kenya's plains ensures visitors will always have an amazing safari experience."

And afterwards people could enjoy a canoeing trip and hopefully be lucky enough to spot hippos and crocodiles.

Ms Sloan is not the only person to recommend such an expedition, as Kira Stann, writing for Helium, noted that safaris offer individuals a unique experience to get up close and personal with animals that would not usually be accessible.