Northern Zambia is ‘place to go for safari holidays’

Those thinking of going on a safari may like to take the advice of one recent visitor to Africa on-board.

Lucia van der Post, writing for the Financial Times, recommended that northern Zambia is the place to go for safari holidays.

She visited the North Luangwa valley, which she observed is the country's "best kept secret", adding: "I found there the Africa that one dreams of in the cold winter nights back home."

Moreover, Ms van der Post pointed out that the North Luangwa National Park has a sense of privacy and peace with rustic reed and thatched cottages on the banks of the Mwaleshi river.

"We came upon buffalo and lion, elephant, eland and hartebeest, wildebeest and a million thrilling birds," she added.

Those looking to see a variety of wild animals might also consider Namibia as a possible safari destination after Luke Salkeld, writing for the Daily Mail, noted there are creatures there in abundance.