New theatre show to interest those on South Africa holidays?

An instrumental theatre production about a mythical land will bring Arts Alive 2011 to an end.

The show, which could interest those on South Africa holidays, is called The Rise and Fall of the Phoenix and runs from September 21st-25th.

Music, dance, theatre design and stage craft are all combined to bring the story to life, as a young boy named Rutendo is given the responsibility of guarding an egg that can bring the life-sustaining Phoenix back.

"In this universal story of struggle, triumph and self discovery, Rutendo learns that only by giving up himself and sacrificing for the greater good can he lead his people to a brighter future," the festival organisers remarked.

The venue for the performance is the Joburg Theatre and Spirit of America – which is staging the show – is also putting on free theatre workshops for youngsters in the city.

Arts Alive has been going since 1993.