New ‘Seven Natural Wonders of Africa’ list includes three Tanzanian hotspots

New ‘Seven Natural Wonders of Africa’ list includes three Tanzanian hotspotsTanzania holidays are associated with world class tourist attractions and this point has only been justified further with the recent announcement of the new ‘Seven Natural Wonders of Africa’ – that now features three Tanzanian travellers’ hotspots.

Although the new seven wonders aren’t ranked hierarchically, making the list is a big deal in terms of exposure and international appeal with the Serengeti National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro and the Ngorongoro Crater making up a substantial chunk of the wonders.

Also making the illustrious list were the Red Sea Reef between the coasts of Egypt and Sudan, the River Nile which winds through 10 African nations, the Sahara Desert and finally the Okavango Delta located in Botswana.

Twelve hotspots vied for a place on the list which was originally devised as a grassroots directive in order to protect the natural wonders of the world by educating visitors about the threats to their existence upon their arrival.

The official website of the organisation states “We hope to inspire people to visit and explore these wonders of nature and hopefully develop a passion and admiration that transcends into a commitment of conservation.”

The Seven Natural Wonders organisation is based in the Unites States and founder Dr Philip Imler confirmed that the Serengeti was selected due to the “Legendary, spellbinding migration of large mammals.”

It isn’t surprising that given the vast array of attractions, Tanzania receives thousands of visitors every year with Mount Kilimanjaro receiving 55,000 tourists annually and the aforementioned Serengeti receiving 350,000.

Tanzanian prime minister Mizengo Pinda was delighted with the news but confirmed “As Tanzanians, we must protect not only the three winners but all natural resources and wildlife that our country has been endowed with.”