New Nairobi road network to be complete in two months

New Nairobi road network to be complete in two monthsFor travellers looking to hire a car upon Kenya holidays, they will be able to hop around the capital Nairobi more quickly and efficiently than ever before via the instalment of new ring roads that will be completed within the next two months according to Enablers and Macro Sector of the Kenya Vision 2030 who are overseeing the project.

Costing Sh1.9 billion and invested in by Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica), the Nairobi-Western ring roads will improve connections both to and from the city centre but also providing vital infrastructure and accessible road links in the surrounding parishes also.

Junctions and intersections that were previously prioritised under the Nairobi Urban Transport Master Plan include a Waiyaki Way connection at Westlands roundabout and also a 2.85 km roadway linking Mandera Road to Ole Odume Road / Mazeras Junction.

Many of Nairobi’s most popular tourist attractions are located outside the centre of the city such as the Nairobi National Park, Lake Naivasha and the Langata Giraffe Centre to name a few and providing swifter highway access to such points of interest can only be of benefit for local tourism bodies.

Not only that, but Nairobi, like most large cities worldwide suffers widespread road congestion issues but the east African nation has considerately looked to address this problem via the latest road instalments.

Environment and planning chief at Kenya Urban Roads Authority, Silas Kinoti explained “Completion of the project would result in shorter travel times for motorists, decongestion of surrounding roads, improved security, safety and convenience of pedestrians and cyclists due to construction of footpaths and bicycle lanes.”

The new ring roads are set to open to the public immediately after August 15th – the day of completion.