New camp could be ideal for safari holidays

A new expedition camp has recently opened its doors in South Africa.

The venue, which could be ideal for people going on safari holidays, is based in the 30,000-acre Shambala Game Reserve, the New York Times reports.

And those visiting might be able to catch a glimpse of the so-called big five wild animals, as well as rare Cape hunting canines – which are also known simply as wild dogs – according to Elaine Glusace, who was penning the piece.

She added that the reserve, in the Waterberg Mountains of Limpopo Province, is also the centre where former prime minister Nelson Mandela used to host world leaders.

So, this could be perfect for those looking for a bit of history to go with their safari.

Earlier this month, Kira Stann, writing for Helium, recommended a safari in Kenya in which people can have a “unique experience of getting up close and personal with otherwise inaccessible wild creatures”.