New addition to Joburg Zoo to excite South Africa holidayers?

Johannesburg Zoo has welcomed a new addition that may encourage more visitors.

Those on South Africa holidays may be tempted to see the baby pygmy hippo, which has come from the National Zoo Conservation Farm in Mokopane.

Alice Masombuka, the keeper of pachyderms at the location, said: "I love working with animals, although there are challenges. They do not talk back."

The professional continued by saying that she is looking forward to taking care of the hippo, who is the grandson of Raoul and Jellybean.

Currently unnamed, the little animal is sure to attract the attention of visitors, as his species are generally seen as laid back.

Piet Molepo, curator of the zoo's herbivores, noted he is glad that the location is doing its bit to help with the conservation of an endangered species.

Johannesburg Zoo was given the land it currently occupies by Hermann Ekstein, who was involved in the city's initial development.