Namibian resort set for N$60 million makeover

Popular Popa Falls Resort on holidays to Namibia is receiving an N$60 investment as funded by the government through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

Located on the banks of the Okavanago River at the last set of rapids before the waterway enters neighbouring Botswana, Popa Falls is often visited by those travellers wishing to embark on safari-type holidays to the game parks of Mahungu, Kaudom and Sikerete.

And Namibia is hoping that even more international travellers will visit the region after the redevelopment of the resort that is scheduled to be complete in December 2013.

Resort manager, Shuufeni Abel Shafa revealed that the redevelopment plans came as something of a surprise and said “We were in the process of seeking funds to revamp the place, but the Ministry of Environment and Tourism halted our plans and informed us that they would provide about N$60 million to revamp the place.”

The redevelopment is putting travellers’ experiences at the forefront of their attention and the investment will see game drives and boat cruises offered as well as conferencing facilities that will cater for those travelling to Namibia on business.

There are also plans to relocate the current camping site at the resort with the current base actually located in a flood-prone area. With the resort placing safety at the top of their agenda, the camping site will move helping to alleviate travel fears in a region where crime related activities are minimal anyway.

Popa Falls is also synonymous with wildlife sightings with crocodiles and hippos prevalent in the area as well as many bird species. The investment is sure to enhance the resort’s global appeal.