Namibia coastal city to receive new N$350m marina

Namibian coastal city Walvis Bay is receiving a new N$350m marina, which is expected to boost the local tourism industry as well as creating many job opportunities.

The marina, which will span 32,000 square metres, will comprise 100 SME trading stalls, 60 residential developments and 30 waterfront business developments and tour operator areas – creating a minimum of 300 jobs in the hospitality sector.

Confirmation that the construction could go ahead was recently signed between the Namibia Port Authority and Walvis Municipality.

With expectations that ‘Namport’ will be complete and fully operational in 2014, the latest development provides another great reason to travel on Namibia holidays that also include the vast Kalahari Desert, Etosha National Park and the cosmopolitan capital Windhoek.

Walvis Bay is the largest port in Namibia and is strategically located half-way down the coast, representing an excellent location for international shipping.

There were fears that the temporary closure of the waterfront would cause a decline in tourism in the region but chiefs are promising that this won’t be the case.

Namport’s spokesperson, Liz Sibindi said “The closure of the waterfront will have no impact on the town’s tourism industry.

“In fact, the waterfront will not be closed, rather it will be transformed.”

The multi-million dollar development also includes a $3 million injection from the Namibia Government’s Targeted Intervention Programme for Employment and Economic Growth.

This directive is aiming to make Walvis Bay self-sustainable with the delivery of a new container terminal, a ship and rig repair facility along with a tanker berth.

Walvis Bay is located just north of the Tropic of Capricorn which is an existing tourist hotspot in Namibia.