Nairobi: The starting point for Kenya safari holidays

Nairobi is the largest city in Kenya and one of the biggest conurbations in all of Africa representing the perfect starting point for your Kenya safari holidays.

The city is named after a Maasai watering hole – Enkare Nairobi which means ‘cool waters’ and the first settlement in this region began back in 1899 when Uganda Railways used the area as a supply depot on route to the then Kenya capital Mombasa.

If you talk of Kenya nowadays, you will instantly think of the Maasai Mara National Reserve where you can witness Africa’s famed Big Five Game on an unforgettable safari and it was for this reason that interest in the area first materialised.

One of Kenya’s major colonisers was in fact the British who helped establish the country as a tourist haven following the prevalence of game hunting in the region.

Nowadays Kenya is world renowned for its safaris but you don’t have to travel as far as the Maasai Mara in order to witness marvellous wildlife such as lions, giraffes and black rhinos.

All of these are located right on your doorstep in the Nairobi National Park, providing a fulfilling first impression of Kenya. This park was Kenya’s first and the animals can be viewed in their natural habitat with the high rise buildings of Nairobi appearing just a few miles away in the distance.

The park is also home to a diverse range of bird species as well as wildebeest and zebra migrations that appear in the region in July and August.

After an initial stay in the capital though, you will want to get out and explore. After all, there is a magic sense of adventure on Kenya holidays and you will feel like you belong in a movie as you take a road trip out onto the plains with tours to Tsavo National Park a must.

Split into east and west parks, Tsavo is located around 260 km south east of Nairobi on the A109 Mombasa road and is one of the largest and oldest safari locations in Kenya, having been founded in April 1948.

Tsavo is located under the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro in neighbouring Tanzania and the landscape comprises rolling dry grasslands with the rustlings of wildlife in the bush all you can hear as you creep along in a four wheel drive land cruiser where you can get right up close and personal with buffalo, zebra, lion, elephant and more.

Across the Great Rift Valley is of course the Maasai Mara Reserve – probably the most celebrated and well-known park in Kenya.

The possibilities on your Mara Discovery are endless with hot air balloon rides and authentic Maasai dancers also supplementing a park which already comprises one of the largest arrays of wildlife in the world with cheetah, baboon, antelope, leopard and white rhino all traceable within its borders.

If you’re after a holiday of a lifetime, a safari in Kenya will truly fulfil your wishes. Getting away from it all doesn’t really get bigger than close-up encounters with spectacular animals in their natural habitat, hot air balloon rides across the dusty plains during sunset and plane rides over the jaw dropping African Rift Valley.

It isn’t any wonder that Kenya is visited by tens of thousands of international travellers every year who embark on a truly unforgettable experience.