Nairobi International Bookfair to interest those on Kenya holidays?

Travellers in and around Kenya may be tempted to go to the 14th Nairobi International Bookfair.

Running from September 28th to October 2nd, those on Kenya holidays at this time may find themselves at the event, which is being held at the Sarit Centre Expo Hall.

A number of activities have been lined up by the festival's organisers – the Kenya Publishers Association – including a budding authors seminar and the launch of some new hardbacks.

The overriding theme of it will be read for empowerment, with people being encouraged to look at both factual and creative texts.

Entry to the fair is free for all and a number of workshops around topical issues have also been arranged.

"It is … our duty to ensure that society is able to communicate effectively on issues that confront it and do so through books," the organisers remarked.

Alternatively, tourists could check out the Nairobi International Trade Show.