Naboisho camp could offer more variety on safari holidays

A new tourist camp is set to launch in the Masai Mara in July and may provide travellers with even more options from which to view the region's wildlife.

The Naboisho Conservancy might be the ideal place to stay on a safari holiday, as it is small in size, which could make it easy to take in the atmosphere with little interruption from other visitors.

Up to 12 people will be able to sleep in the six tents available at the site, which is part of a 50,000-acre reserve. It sits in a valley, bordered by a cluster of acacia trees and overlooks the southern plains.

The area is home to the highest population of giraffe within the entire Masai Mara region and there are 35 lions within three separate prides that roam the area, so it might not be too difficult to spot the king of the jungle.

People who would prefer a bit more structure to their safari holidays might be interested in the nearby Bush Camp, where a number of activities are available. These include game drives and hot air balloon rides.