Museum of African Design opens in Johannesburg

Museum of African Design opens in JohannesburgFor tourists travelling on eye opening holidays to South Africa, and wanting to sample as much local culture as possible, they’ll be delighted to hear a new Museum of African Design (MOAD) has opened in Johannesburg.

Opening in the unlikely location of what used to be a Maboneng warehouse – now renovated of course – as many as 200 individual works by 100 artists are showcased in downtown Jozi’s traditional industrial precinct.

The majority of the current works at the Museum of African Design derive from southern African nations but MOAD plans on expanding her offering to include works from around the continent heading into the future, according to museum director Aaron Kohn.

Incredibly proud of the collection he has accumulated, Kohn offered his glowing affections for African art in respect of global appreciation and the contemporary marketplace. He noted “African design really stands up with the rest of the world.

“You can put a lot of these pieces next to something from Paris or Milan or New York and they’ll sell just as well, they’ll have as much value, they’re really just as great pieces.”

Given the renovated warehouse location, the museum takes on an open plan design and eyes are averted to numerous sculptures comprised of differing materials such as wood, metal, fibreglass, ceramics and more.

The works of South African artist Atang Tshikare feature regularly at the museum and his glow-in-the-dark bicycle and yellow-brown etched coffee table are just two of his designs present that convey the depth and versatility of the exhibition.

Tshikare enthused “People are starting to see that art is more than just a piece of paper. It can be turned into something that actually exists.”