Mount Kilimanjaro’s climbing routes: Which one suits me?

Mount Kilimanjaro’s climbing routes: Which one suits me?Choosing personalised holidays to Tanzania, you’ll find that incorporating a climb up to Mount Kilimanjaro, the country’s highest peak is sometimes easier than first imagined.  The hardest part is deciding which of its seven climbing routes best suits you. Your booking agent will be well equipped to help answer this for sure.

Some advice; if you are asking yourself ‘which one would suit me?’, start with looking at your own fitness levels combined with how much time you have allocated to complete the climb as part of your entire trip. Another perk of personalised holidays to Tanzania is that you can build your entire visit around simply conquering Kilimanjaro.

Machame and Marangu Routes

The Machame and Marangu Routes are the most popular. The Machame Route takes six days minimum and is considered difficult whilst the Marangu takes a minimum of five days and is rated medium in difficulty.

This is probably because it is also the only route where sleeping huts are available along the way; worth considering if you’re not used to roughing it too much. However, if you have a little more time and think you can handle a more difficult route, then the Machame Route is much more spectacular in terms of scenery and is worth camping for.

Lemosho Route

Another route to choose is the Lemosho Route as it always comes highly recommended on personalised holidays to Tanzania. This has considerably less traffic than the two routes listed above.

Although it has a high difficulty rating, it is often a favourite because of its excellent scenery, both panoramic scenic views whilst on the trek and from the summit. Eight days is probably the ideal amount of time you would need to complete this ascent and descent giving you enough time to acclimatise to the conditions.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a once in a lifetime experience so to ensure that you enjoy it as much as you can, make sure you  are prepared for the altitude and choose a trusted guided tour company which will provide porters and trained staff.

Definitely tell your team if you don’t feel very well and definitely make sure that you have a few days’ resting time post- climb on one of Zanzibar’s gorgeous beaches. You’ll want to celebrate your achievement.